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NJHS Selection

Selection to the National Junior Honor Society is based on five criteria. Students who meet the criteria will be invited to apply for NJHS at the end of 7th grade. 


  •  The student must have a 93.0 cumulative average of all classes beginning in the 7th grade. Middle school courses are not weighted with additional points when determining cumulative averages for middle school students. The cumulative average, when calculated, is not rounded.
  •  The average will include all completed grades through the end of 3rd nine weeks grading period.
  • Averages will be checked every semester. Students who do not meet the average requirement will be on probation for one semester. If the average is still below after that period, the member will be dismissed.
  •   Students new to Carroll Middle School must attend the school for one semester before being eligible for membership. It may be possible for the one semester requirement to be waived if the student has been a member of the NJHS in the previous school and has the recommendation of the principal of the previous school.
  • Character
  • Leadership
  • Service
  • Citizenship


  • Excellent behavior is an expectation for induction into the NJHS and for continued membership in the NJHS. Certain types of behaviors may prevent a student from being eligible for induction into the NJHS or for continued membership in the NJHS.
  • Members who resign or are dismissed are not eligible for membership or its benefits.